What Is Low Cost Hosting and How Is It Useful?

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There are basically two modes of Web hosting, namely, Free and Paid. Free Hosting is the most ideal option for a not so large project and which need not occupy much space. It suits the best to the novices or small businesses, but only for temporary usage as it is limited in space and is resistant to providing good customer support, good performance and bright advertising. Also, in case of free web hosting, the host can be stopped anytime. Hosting free of charge is bit slower as compared to the paid one. The former entails basic services and it is better to note files, mail, data and DNS hosting on the server.

On the other hand, Paid Hosting is not relatively an expensive mode to be considered. There are certain ways to lower down the price of a paid web hosting without losing its quality. There are many web hosting companies that offer low cost web hosting services to their clients. Generally websites occupying not more than 100 MB space are offered low web hosting services, as 1 MB costs 10 cents to the minimum.

Other factors need to be considered:
  • The uploading of photos and videos should be adequately fast, else there is no fun of availing low cost hosting solutions of narrow bandwidth.
  • Low cost hosting is many times provided for one month for the demonstration of its services and sometimes even for free, only to help you decide whether you wish to opt for the paid web hosting package.
  • Once you sign off the contract, you may even expect additional services offered by some web hosting providers.
  • There is no brand name attached to the services availed nor any advertisements displayed on your web sites.
  • The domain hosting name needs to be registered, before it is taken by somebody else and that you would need to choose a different one.

Alternatively, shared hosting is another hosting service with efficient solutions being provided that can be availed at an economic cost of 1-25 dollars on a monthly basis. What's more? You get basic website hosting services coupled with best performance quality-wise. Suitable for medium and small websites, there can be some projects placed on the shared website hosting.

Discount hosting is another good mode to opt for to avail good services at a much reduced cost. While you can look for hosting discounts during off-sales season, you may find seasonal, special and coupons available round the year.