Windows Hosting Vs Linux Hosting: Why Is Windows More Expensive?

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There are two major systems to run your web hosting nowadays. Two of the leading system out there today is the Windows and the Linux. When it comes to the cost, the Linux is an affordable option for users out there. But cost alone is not enough for us to say that you should choose it for your web hosting. There are plenty of things that you can compare about these two systems.

Windows Hosting Vs Linux HostingIn order to make the right choice between the two, you need to have a certain understanding on both of these hosting systems. The name of both system is the clear way to differentiate the two systems and just about all of the hosting accounts comes with the choice of choosing this two hosting system. Like we mentioned, the price of Windows hosting will be more expensive than the Linux hosting.

So, why is Windows more expensive? Well, the answer is simple because it is the system that is more popular. Almost every computer user out there has heard of Windows while a lot of them have never even heard about Linux before. Due to its popularity in the market, the price can be escalated. To sell Windows hosting will be much easier because everyone knows about it. On the other hand, selling Linux hosting to consumers will be very difficult because they would probably have no idea on what it is. As you can see, the Windows brand is not only the factor that is causing it to be more costly.

As for the reliability, Linux is a better web server if you compare it with Windows. From the customer's point of view, this is great news. For the web hosting companies, this is bad news because they will have to make sure that their window hosting system is able to stay stable and this will require additional cost in order to maintain the smoothness of the Windows hosting. Only by doing this, they can ensure that the hosting service that the customer receives is up to standard. Linux hosting uses less software and therefore, they are more reliable but are capable of all the same function as Windows.

Windows hosting is more popular because of Microsoft as well. This is because clients will be able to use a lot of third-party application that Microsoft develops. This is important for many businesses because they need to use Microsoft application within their hosting and this is entirely not possible if they use the Linux system. Microsoft knows this and that is why they can capitalize on this and increase the cost for the hosting.

So, we can see how the situation is laid out. Windows hosting is able to dominate the market with reasons. They control the applications, the hosting and that is why they can raise the price. Consumers need to use their service and there no way of running away from this fact.