Web Hosting Scenario In Today’s World

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The world of web hosting is constantly evolving. What is new today becomes old tomorrow. A number of improvements have been seen in the hosting arena and keeping a track of all these developments is next to impossible. While some of these changes have brought about increased support levels for higher-end customers, for others it has meant increased space. A number of new tiers too have been included in the recent years and this includes certain free hosting options for certain companies and individuals.

Free Web Hosting

You might be interested to know that there are few hosting providers willing to provide free hosting providers to their customers for a limited period of time. So if you're just starting out, you may as well consider this option for your website. However, you need to realize that in opting for these services you may have to face few limitations. For example, the service provider might only provide you with a basic domain name and this could take away the professional look from your website. Therefore, you need to search for a host that provides an exclusive domain for your website free of cost.

Paid Hosting

This hosting option will provide users with a number of features that are usually not provided in free hosting plans. Through paid hosting services you can access powerful admin tools and also can use certain features like Shockwave and Flash. Though this might sound nothing much, they are pretty useful for luring your customers towards your offerings.

VPS hosting

In this hosting plan you'll have your own server but you still need to share it with others. However, there will be a dedicated portion on the server for your own purpose. To enjoy the real power and to control the server fully you'll need to choose dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting

You'll have lots more option when you select dedicated servers. For example, you can have unlimited bandwidth at your disposal through these hosting plans. Therefore, big companies or those that are growing rapidly need to consider these hosting plans seriously to sustain their websites over a long period of time. The best part in opting for dedicated hosting plans is that you will be in full control of what you're doing. Also, you can customize a lot of features to your liking. However, you'll need to be technically sound to use these plans to your advantage. As these services are expensive only big companies prefer using them for their websites.