What Web Hosting Features Are Most Important?

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There are numerous factors that should be considered when choosing a company (or person) to host your website. Your website will be ineffective if the hosting features do not suit your particular needs. Determining what you need, in regard to web hosting features, and a little research on different hosting companies will ensure that you find the web hosting company that has the ability to meet your needs. This is our list of the most important features to consider when choosing a hosting company:

Web Hosting Features
1. Storage, Storage, Storage
The amount of storage that a website hosting company provides is, by far, the most important features to consider. If you have a large, complex website it is vital that you choose a hosting package that is capable of supporting your website. If the web host does not offer the amount of storage your website requires, your full website will not be accessible on the internet.

2. Multiple Domain Capability
Websites are oddly addicting. Typically, the minute a person finishes creating a website they are on to creating the next. There is no need to subscribe to a separate web hosting package for each domain because there are website hosting companies that will let you add all of your domains to one subscription. Be sure that the host you are considering allows multiple domains to be hosted, as well as subdomains.

3. E-mail Capabilities
Most people want an e-mail account that uses their domain after the "@" in their email address. For example, one of your email addresses would be "[email protected]" This makes your e-mail address and website more credible. Every web host offers a different email package, which vary in features. Figure out how many email accounts you can set up for each domain and ask about other important features associated with e-mail accounts.

4. Support
No one likes to be left hanging, especially when experiencing a problem with a website. Be sure to consider the technical support that each host offers. Search for technical support reviews (written by customers) to see how the actual support lines up with what the company says. A web host that lacks in technical support is worthless.

5. Backup Capabilities
Just like your computer, servers are prone to losing data. You need to be sure that you find a host that offers adequate backup capabilities. As anyone would guess, its anything but fun when you lose a good deal of data. If you are set on a particular host and they don't offer back up services it's not the end of the world. You can purchase your own backup service subscription and backup your website on a third party site.

These are what we consider to be the most important features to look for and compare when it comes to web hosting solutions. Figure out what it is most important to you and your website and then go from there.