Which Web Host And What Package?

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How can a new user or budding web builder choose the right web hosting service? All web hosting companies offer a great number of options, from free ad-supported packages all the way to premium all-guns-blazing, trumpet-tooting, bells-and-whistles solutions.

But beyond the big numbers and disk space offered, the bandwidth and operating tools, customers need to know the type of hosting available. Below is a comparison of the different types of web hosting available.

Making the right choice for you, whether you are a one-man show, small business, or budding website entrepreneur, is of paramount importance: best of luck!

Deciding on Dedication

The Dedicated Server is just that: a dedicated service to your site or network of sites. This is simply the best kind of hosting option, but also the most expensive. The entire server is dedicated full-time to your web-based needs, with no other presence. This means top-notch security, accessibility and reliability, with your site being online all of the time, as most hosts guarantee. Cost is worth considering, though, as you get what you pay for, so all this dedication will make this server the most expensive option.

A Private Solution, Virtually

A Virtual Private Server - or VPS, is the not-so missing link between the high-end Dedicated Server and the more commonly used Shared Hosting. On the VPS a single server is split into multiple, smaller (and virtual) servers for the use of multiple website customers. An individual VPS is separate from other VPS, cared for and maintained by the web hosting company, with the customer responsible for operating and software of the website system. Users will be informed of the exact numbers concerning RAM, CPU and disk space available to the individual.

Share and Shared Alike

The most common and popular of the server options, Shared Hosting is suitable for most site owners with a modicum of web traffic. Individuals and small businesses will find their own needs covered with this style of solution, usually requiring minimal maintenance and a low cost. Shared Hosting, as its moniker suggests, is when a single server has many (many) users under the umbrella of a common web host company. Being the cheapest of the options, for all the good (read: affordable) points, there are bad points, too. Shared Hosting is ideal for most users of web hosting service, however.