The Truth About Web Hosting Reseller Unlimited Plan

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If you want to get a web hosting reseller unlimited plan and you are not accustomed with the necessities for these plans, you should consider reading the following information.

Web Hosting Reseller Unlimited PlanWhat is the web hosting reseller plan? This is a plan that allows you to normally have more bandwidth and more storage space than what you normally get with a shared hosting plan. Please keep in mind that even though this is not a shared plan it does not mean that you have dedicated servers. The other plus of a web hosting reseller plan is that you are able to resell hosting to other clients.

When choosing a hosting reseller plan make sure that you find out if you will be sharing your IP address with other hosting resellers in most cases this is not desirable and this is something that you need to know.

You also need to be careful of the word unlimited. What most web hosting companies do not tell you is unlimited is base on what they consider to be unlimited which is normally limited, can you imagine any company allowing you to have unlimited storage space, that can easily equal a minor fortune for the company if each client decide to stores 1 terabyte of data.

If you are expecting a lot of traffic to your site you need to make sure that when you purchase your web hosting reseller account that you let them know that you will be getting heavy traffic, again when companies tell you unlimited bandwidth they are basing on what their base user usage.

Just imagine a product launch that has been promoted by some of the top marketers, it will receive enough traffic to bring a server down. I have witness some hosting companies shutting down account for too much use of bandwidth. In addition to the above points always ask up front or read your agreement to understand what type of content that you are allowed to host on your sites or your clients sites. If adult content is not allowed and you are hosting this type of content then you will in most cases be shut down for non compliance.

In conclusion I have made a quick list to remind you of the key points to remember before signing up for a web hosting reseller unlimited plan.
  • Reseller plan is not a dedicated server.
  • Storage Space is not always unlimited.
  • Bandwidth again is not always unlimited.
  • Check to find out what type content is not allowed.