Internet Marketing For Beginners – Steps To Take Explained

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Show me how the web works - This article will explain the following: Websites, Web pages, domain, hosting and url's. Are you interested in starting an online business? Do you want to make money on the World Wide Web? Do you want to be successful? Do you need to understand the fundamentals on how the web works? The following information will help you!

Domain Explained:

Internet MarketingDomain name = the name you want to give your website. You need to purchase a domain name (address of your website) in order to set up a website. Your domain name should be related to the product/niche of your website. You purchase a domain name from a registrar for example - Godaddy or Namecheap (annual fee $10).

Hosting Explained:

To get your website on the web you need a hosting account. For anything to appear online - it needs to have been uploaded to a HOSTING company. To set up a hosting account you could use HostGator (Cost $10 a month). After creating your webpage you will then have to upload/publish to your hosting company.

Websites Explained:

Purchasing a domain name does not give you a website it only allows you the rights to use that name as the title of your website. One domain name = One website.

Web Pages Explained:

Web pages are different pages on your website for example sales page, thank you page and Squeeze Page. You can have as many web pages as you like on your website. (You could have one page if you like.) You will title your web pages - use a related name to what the page is about for example "thank you page". Then you will have to upload to your hosting company. Every web page online has its own unique web address.

URL's Explained:

A web address is called URL. When someone refers to a URL they mean web address.


In order to publish a website you will need to take the following steps: (1) Purchase a domain name. (2) Set up a hosting account. (3) Create a web page or pages.