File Sharing: Features of a File Sharing Service Should Have

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If you are running a company or a business, one of your problems might be sharing or transferring files that are too big. They are taking up space in your hard drive and you can't even upload them in emails; this can be quite frustrating especially if you're in a rush. We all know that emails have size limits for uploads and this can pose as a challenge if the company needs to transfer big files to clients. But because of the business solutions today, you no longer have to worry about this. You can simply use a file hosting service provider to help you share and transfer big files.

File SharingFile sharing and online storage are readily available online. You can just upload your files in your account and people can access it from there. This is another way for making a backup of your files just in case something bad happens to your computer. If you are using file hosting services for personal purposes, you can just use a free one, but for business purposes, it will be best to use paid services for added security and reliability.

There are many file sharing and storage services online that you can choose from and it can be quite hard to know which are the best ones to use, to be able to help you, look out for these features I'm mentioning. The first is that all file hosting and storage processes should be made easy. This includes uploads, access and sharing files. The file hosting service provider should make it very easy for users to navigate around their account.

The next feature is accessibility. You need to make sure that the server is always up and easy to access wherever you are. This can be a problem for free file sharing services as sometimes, they will have server downtime that won't allow you to access any of your files. But if you are paying for their services, it is a must that they always make their servers up and running and enables their clients to have easy access to their accounts and their files. Further, the website should be able to offer public and private folders for their files. This way, if the user wants to keep private files hidden, he/she can only allow certain people to view it with the use of a password.

Another feature is that the file sharing service can automatically do the backup for you. If the website has asked you to download a software application to your computer, this software is the one that will handle automatic update to your file hosting account. There are paid services that will also allow for the software to keep the most recent copy of your files, this way, your account won't be clogged with duplicate files.

And the last feature that you should look for is the security of the server. You don't want to entrust your files to any file sharing website especially if these are confidential and private company files. You'd want to make sure that they are using security encryption with their servers. Moreover, these file hosting websites will always offer you free trials and you should take them up on their offer to make sure they have these features in their services.