FatCow Review – What I Think About FatCow Hosting

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If you are into the field of web hosting, you might have come across a name called FatCow. Introduced in the year 1998, it is in this industry for more than 10 years now. Therefore, it is a company that have a lot of experience in their belt. In fact, it is one of the oldest hosting provider out there today in the market. FatCow offers a one pricing system that allows their customers to understand what they have to pay easily.

FatCow HostingThe question is, why should you choose them? By being in the playing field for such a long time, they must have their reason. FatCow is a hosting that provides quality services with great uptime performance, customer support, great features and affordable prices. This is not just claim that I am making but FatCow has lived up to its name because it has proven itself to be a great hosting and there are ways to prove this.

If you check out hosting reviews, you will be able to find out that existing customers are rating them very well. You will be able to find good words and not customers scolding away because they are paying for lousy service. However, there will still be one or two users that will slam FatCow saying that it is a useless service. You will never be able to get 100% good feedback in a servicing industry and web hosting is in this industry.

You could even go and check the hate page in review sites but you won't be surprised if you can only find one or two negative feedbacks about them. If you think of it, they have been around for more than 10 years but there is no hate page that is focuses on them? This hosting has got to be good right? It is not easy to have such a good record especially in this industry because there is a lot of competition. There might even be competitors that try to make your company look bad but it is not always this case. The final will still be dependent on the end user. So, when you look at those reviews, you will be able to know whether are they real users or just a guy who is trying to stir up some bad reviews.

No matter what, do not just take my word for it. Go check it out yourself to have yourself convinced. Search for FatCow reviews on Google and you will have plenty to read at.