Dedicated VPS – Understanding The 2 Types Of Virtual Private Hosting

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If you are planning to open a website anytime soon, then one of the basic requirements to successfully do this is to find a reliable dedicated VPS host to bring your site up and running. This host service provider should be able to provide a dependable and reliable operation to ensure quality service.

Dedicated VPSVPS or Virtual Private Server refers to an innovative type of web hosting service that divides its specification capabilities to smaller virtual machines. As a result, for every account tied to the server, a web hosting freedom similar to a dedicated server can be enjoyed minus the hefty price. A Virtual Private Server provides full CPU and RAM usage and does not share any resource with other accounts. Additionally, web administrators can also freely reboot the server without affecting other accounts that are also using the same machine.

Many website owners prefer to use VPS because of its overwhelming advantage. But before you start scouring the net for a service provider to use, it is very important to note that a Virtual Private Server is divided into different types; managed & unmanaged private server.

Unmanaged: The greatest advantage of a private virtual server is it offers server hosting capability similar to a dedicated service plan at competitive price. While this benefit remains in an unmanaged private server hosting, there is a setback to this however, that makes it less friendly to use.

Unmanaged virtual server is a type of hosting plan where full control of the website is given to the website owner. This type of setup works fine for people who are already familiar with the system, but it is definitely not recommended for people who have no knowledge how general web operations work. Technical problems such as a down server line, resource and software related, performance issues, and software configuration are mainly left in the hands of the administrator to handle.

Generally speaking, all issues concerning the website, with the exception of issues that are directly coming from the VPS, will not be managed or corrected by the service provider. On the plus side, however, price for an unmanaged hosting service is pronouncedly cheap; its operation setting is also ideal for building custom applications, and provides the perfect setup for developing real time systems.

Managed: The greatest advantage of using a managed hosting is it provides the convenience and flexibility an unmanaged hosting does not have. All the maintenance and administrative duties which include website monitoring, management, and server repairs are handled personally by the web host provider. There will be no extra charges for these additional expert services as these are already included on its monthly package rate. Another advantage worth mentioning about this type of service is its pronounced flexibility. Website owners can conveniently increase the storage resource capacity of the site by simply contacting the service provider.

Finally, whatever Virtual dedicated hosting service you intend to use, it is very important that you consider first the reliability of the provider to ensure quality in service. No matter what service plan you take, without a decent service provider, quality service is never guaranteed.